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Would you like to start hardware store business in kenya?

Well, Here is a perfect Hardware Business Plan Sample That Will Guide You On How To Start Your Profitable Hardware Business In Kenya.

In This hardware business plan in kenya pdf You Will Find:

Read More About The Chapters Below. Grab This Hardware Business Plan And Start Your Profitable Hardware Business Today!

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hardware business plan sample
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In This Hardware Business Plan Sample , You Will Find:

Owner Details:

The first chapter has got the names of the owners;The first chapter has got the names of the owners;

It also states the form of ownership, name of the
business and when the business will start. It also has the address of the business.

Marketing plan:

Chapter two states the potential customers of the business.

These are individual and institutional

Also there is a brief description of the key competitors and the approximate location
of The Hardware and Workshop. It has also outlined the products and services to be offered
in the business.

Organizational plan:

It has the organization structure of the business, key personnel and their duties and employees
remuneration and incentives.

Operational plan:

This chapter shows some of the production facilities that the business will make use of.

It has also stated plans for maintenance and repair. The office diagram is shown in this chapter.

Financial plan:

The business will require funds for purchasing machines, equipment and furniture, payment of
staff, rent and maintaining machines.

Funds will covered from owners equity, bank loan and
friends and relative

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